James Lacey
+1 (720) 244-1214   |   laceymedia@mail.com   |   Denver, CO
My professional mantra in 3 words; launch MVP faster. I work on cross-functional teams to help companies ideate, prototype, and validate ideas before going to market. 
Things I believe
  It's not the job of a product designer to prove that a solution will succeed. It's their job to remove all the reasons it will fail.

•  There is no failure in UX. There is either success or learning opportunities.

•  Product design battles are won or lost on the dry erase board, not during screen design and definitely not during development.

•  If you're not embarrassed by your MVP launch, you've launched too late and with too many features.

•  Drivers with crooked bumper stickers on their cars are not to be trusted.
Work History
Sr Manager, Product Design   |   Charter Communications, Mar 2019 - present

I lead a team of engineers, designers, and product owners to ideate and execute initiatives across 10 customer-facing products for a total footprint of 30M+ customers. I'm directly responsible for leading efforts that improve adoption, retention, and engagement with a specific emphasis on empowering self-service interactions. I oversee the full product design life-cycle, manage a $2.5M annual contractor budget, generate research-driven roadmap outcomes, and orchestrate the development delivery pipeline in concert with 300+ awesome folks in my organization. In addition to operational responsibilities, I led the redesign/rewrite efforts of our webmail platform which included a complete front-end, back-end, and user experience overhaul based customer feedback, survey responses, and usability testing.

UX Product Design Consultant   |   Voyant, 2018 - 2019

I trained Voyant’s product design team to establish a disciplined design process and to champion UX practices across five of their flagship SaaS products. This included leading and auditing design sprints, discovery sessions, and design charrettes with cross-functional teams for international telecom software that connected traditional telephone lines and fax services to large digital organizations. In addition, I assisted with developing a holistic design system, a visual brand guide, and an iconography library.

Sr UX Product Designer   |   Verizon, 2017 - 2018

I collaborated with Verizon stakeholders and external clients to define, prototype, and test location-based web and native applications. During my employment, I completed 27 unique projects including a fleet management solution for Verizon fleet vehicles, a reverse service provider locator for Nextdoor, a traffic news feed widget for Samsung’s flagship S10 device, a geofence-triggered marketing tool for Yahoo Small Business, a destination reward concept for MapQuest, and a native mobile application currently in use by 3,000+ FedEx Ground drivers. In addition, I spearheaded the initiative to rethink Verizon’s waterfall design process by instituting discovery sessions, Human Center Design principles, and agile design iterations to ensure only validated needs were implemented throughout our solutions.

Founder, Product Designer, UX/UI Lead   |   DESIGNLEDGE, 2012 - 2017

As Product Designer and UX/UI Lead, I oversaw 100+ design, development, and marketing projects for small to medium-sized B2B and B2C businesses, ranging from corporate identity projects to marketing websites to enterprise-level applications. As the founder, I supervised the UX/UI team, lead all client-facing meetings, oversaw development sprints, directed user feedback initiatives, and managed client expectations throughout the project life-cycles.

Air Force Veteran   |   United States Air Force, 2004 - 2014
My first exposure to understanding user behavior was teaching pilots and aircrew members techniques to mitigate aircraft mishaps related to human error. When I became a recruiter, I applied these same techniques to develop a user-friendly training website that reduced onboarding friction and streamlined the recruiter workflow, saving the Air Force $6.5m annually. In addition to my UX contributions as an Aerospace Physiologist and recruiter, I achieved the following during my military service:

Air Force Leadership Roles
•  Lead 26 honor guard airman as the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer where I developed the base-wide training program responsible for training and certifying more than 2,000 airman to conduct funeral ceremonies, color guards, POW table tributes, and various airman ceremonies over the course of three years
•  5th in command of a 100 airman team during the Pararescue indoctrination program to prepare trainees for the rigors of Air Force special operator duties
•  Completed over 2,500 classroom instructor hours where I taught survival techniques, aircraft emergency protocol, night vision adaptation, g-force straining maneuvers, and a hands-on, interactive water survival course
•  Supervised up to 40 candidates simultaneously throughout a 12 month mentorship and training program to prepare enlistees and their families for basic military training
•  Managed 54 airman as the NCO in charge of base decontamination and emergency protocol efforts
•  Completed over 60 missions as a centrifuge test subject where I was one of 5 airman to test F-35 flight-suit and headgear prototypes
•  Maintained Physical Training Leader (PTL) status for 8 years where I conducted base-wide physical fitness training sessions and tests for more than 2,000 airmen each month​​​​​​​

Air Force Awards
•  Non-Commissioned Officer Leadership School Academic Achiever award
•  2 Accommodation Medals and an Achievement Medal for my contributions as an Aerospace Physiologist, Honor-guardsman, and Air Force Recruiter
•  2-time Silver Badge award winner for achieving more than 115% of my annual recruiting goals where I commissioned a total of 146 airman to include 3 annual awards for enlisting the most battle-field ready airman

Air Force Course Completions
•  Basic Military Training Graduate with Honors, May 2004
•  SERE (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape) Indoctrination, Jul 2004
•  SERE, Combat and Water Survival School, Oct 2004
•  Outdoor Wilderness First Responder, Nov 2004
•  Aerospace Physiology Apprentice, May 2005
•  Air Force Instructor Certification, Aug 2005
•  Base Honor Guard Certification, Oct 2005
•  Arctic Survival School, Dec 2006
•  Pararescue Indoctrination, Aug 2007
•  Airman Leadership School, Nov 2007
•  Air Force Recruiting School, May 2008
•  Professional Selling Skills, Achieve Global, Aug 2008
•  Professional Selling Skills Level II, Achieve Global, Mar 2011